Inspirational Designs For Social Distancing | Set of 16 Floor Self Adhesive Sticker Decals For School Safety & Social Distancing Awareness


Set of 16 Round Inspirational Primary School Messages For Social Distancing Awareness Floor Stickers / Self Adhesive Decals w/ Adhesive Backing for Back to School Safety Measures.

Our social distance floor decals help primary age school children maintain proper distance while also sending positive messages. The postive messages can help ease anxieties and create a more positive feeling while practicing safety measures while at school. Imperitive to help young students remember and know the proper distance to keep while waiting in lines, lunch room areas, etc. These decals are easy to install and help to spread public health information to students, teachers and other school faculty and visitors.

Create student awareness to encourage safety measures required for safe practices while in the learning environment. Use them in areas of your school or other environments where social distancing needs to be maintained. 

Our social distance floor sticker decals have a strong self adhesive backing that is 100% removable, allowing you to remove the surface sticker at any time without damaging the floor or leaving a sticky residue. Our decals include a slip texture to help extend the life of your floor graphics as well as compy with safety standards to avoid slipping accidents. 

Choose from the color combinations, from bright colorful patterns, pastel colors or black and white only combos which are a popular choice for Montessori and Waldorf schools. 

If you would like a custom design for your school that includes your own messaging, colors and/or logo, please contact us for a free layout and price quote. 

If you are interested in ordering more than 2 sets of these floor decals, please contact us for quantity discount options. 


Quantity: Includes 16 round floor decals (one of each design/phrase) in your choice of size from 4" - 12"

Size Variations: Several Diameter Variations from 4" - 12" 

Color Variations: Bright Assorted Colors, Pastels, Black and White

Digitally Printed with Eco Friendly Latex Inks 

Slip resistant to prevent falls and to extend life of decal by helping  to prevent fading and scratching in high traffic areas. 

Material: Peel and Stick Vinyl with Removable High Tack Adhesive